Local Greenhouses Lending Color to Dark Times



Jarrod E. Stephens

The Ashland Beacon

   For nearly two months we have all been dealing with what some have termed “the new normal.” Trips to the grocery store or basically anywhere in public for that matter do not feel or look the same. Thankfully, there are still a few places of business that are offering up color and hope one plant at a time. Despite all the uncertainty, local greenhouses are continuing to sell their vegetable and flowering plants which truly can be a way for all of us to escape the world around us. You can avoid large groups that are still common around our home improvement stores when you visit many of our local greenhouses and support our local farming families.

   A simple trip northward along U.S. 23 beginning in Ashland will allow you to drive by several local greenhouses and their stores. Just past the Russell viaduct you’ll notice Greene’s Greenhouse has their store set up along the highway where they offer a large arrangement of vegetable and flowering plants. Their greenhouse is in southern Greenup County on Leatherwood Road but having a store along the highway gives owners Donnie and Brenda Greene the opportunity to get their plants to a larger clientele. Greene’s Greenhouse can be reached at 606.473.6420 if you have any questions about store hours or what they have to offer.

   In Lloyd, Kentucky just across from Greenup County High School is another familiar greenhouse, Wireman’s Greenhouse. Owners Jeff and Missy Wireman manage the business that, like other greenhouses, offers up many plants to add color to your landscape and food to your table. Jeff, a former agriculture teacher at Greenup County High School, has continued to grow the business after retiring from public education. Even after the plant selling season diminishes the Wireman’s will continue to sell produce at their roadside market. The Wireman’s can be reached at 606.314.0295.

   Travel only five minutes further north along U.S. 23 near South Shore and you cannot miss KC Hardin Greenhouses. One of the oldest businesses in the area, KC Hardin Greenhouses offers an amazing arrangement of plants and other items for your home and garden. Ironically, it has been in business since the year 1918 that we’ve all been reminded of as a dreary time due to the Spanish influenza outbreak. Such a long history gives evidence to the fact of the resiliency of farmers and their love for sharing their labors with others. Hardin’s offers a large variety of vegetable plants along with perennial flowers and they boast the largest variety of annual flowers that are actually grown right on their farm. Call 606.932.4238 for detailed information about store hours and what they have to offer.

   If you find yourself traveling further out in the county, Imel’s Greenhouse is yet another local greenhouse that is bursting at the seams with plants for you to brighten your landscape. Located at 2836 State Route 1, only about four miles from US 23, Imel’s offers both perennial and annual plants for your flower gardens and a huge assortment of vegetable plants as well. Owners Kenny and Pam Imel can be reached at 606.473.1708 if you have questions about store hours and available products.

   There may be troubles or doubts swirling but the plants in the greenhouses don’t know anything of it, and so they have continued to grow. Remember, calling ahead to verify business hours and offerings is best as some hours may fluctuate. Each of the greenhouses maintain a Facebook page where you can get some general information about what they have to offer. Now is an excellent time to support our local greenhouses and add some color to our landscapes and gardens during these dreary times.