Pleased to Meet You - Trinity Gals Boutique Now Open

Carly Carver, Editor

The Ashland Beacon


   A popular online boutique recently expanded to its first brick-and-mortar store.

   Trinity Gals Boutique opened its doors on Feb. 1 at its new location at 1337 Canonsburg Road in Ashland.

   Misty Hodges, one of the owners of the boutique, said that the business first began online a few years ago.

   “It was a big surprise to us how much we love this business and the relationships you build with your customers,” said Hodges.

   Hodges and her business partner, Becky Davidson, said they are both thrilled to be opening a location in Ashland.

   “We love it because it’s so much fun to help women find something they love to wear and make them feel beautiful,” said Hodges.

   Both Hodges and Davidson work as surgical techs at Cabell Huntington Hospital and went into business together, as well.

   “This was just something we thought would be fun to do together and it ended up turning into something we love and are passionate about,” said Hodges.

   Bowling said she never thought she’d be a boutique owner, despite growing up as an entrepreneur’s daughter.

   “It’s something I just love to do,” said Bowling. “It must be in my blood to be a small-business owner.”

   Hodges said that the feeling she gets when a customer tells her how much they love something from her store, is one of the greatest feelings she has ever had.

   “Most of our online shoppers are local, so we actually have a pretty close relationship with almost all of them,” said Hodges. “The best feeling is when they send a picture of themselves wearing something of ours for a special event and tell us how many compliments they received.”

   Hodges said that the boutique carries everything from casual tops and dressy tops to jeans, dresses, leggings, jewelry, candles, and bath bombs.

   “We really strive to make everything affordable, comfy, and cute,” said Hodges. “We always say if we wouldn’t wear it, we don’t get it.”

   Hodges said that the boutique carries in sizes from small to 3-XL.

   A popular item of the boutiques is the “Judy Blue Jeans,” said Hodges.

   “They are the most amazing jeans you will ever put on,” agreed Bowling. “What I love most about them is they are comfortable right out of the dryer and hold up all day long. Plus, you can usually size down one to two sizes, which is always a plus for us girls.”

   “They are amazing and so comfy,'' said Hodges. “I won’t wear anything else.”

   Bowling said that the two continue to do their “Facebook live” sales.

   “We’re known for how crazy we can be on our live sales,” said Bowling. “We’ve dressed up for Halloween, played games interacting with customers, and done giveaways all while doing our live sales.”

   For more information on Trinity Gals Boutique, visit them online at You can also call at 606.831.2519 or email

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