READ ME A BEDTIME STORY Kid Superheroes Return in Snow Much Fun?

Jonathan Joy and Levi Joy

The Ashland Beacon


   May there be snow days in your future, kids, and may they be filled with the joy of sleeping in and sledding, hot cocoa, and warm soup.  But be careful what you wish for.  Have you ever heard of having “too much of a good thing?”

   Young ones all over Ashland did the snow dance, wished for it to snow and snow it did.  All they wanted was a snow day off school.  They got so much more.     

   The first flakes flew at 4 a.m. and in just two hours, Ashland was blanketed deep in snow.  School was cancelled.  Youth everywhere, bundled to stay warm, braved slick sidewalks and frigid winds to build snowmen and toss snowballs and build igloos.

   This wasn’t any old snow day, though.  The snow just kept coming down.  By the following morning, four feet of snow had brought the town to a complete standstill.  And that’s just what he wanted. 

   The Blizz was a grizzled old man, with icicles for a beard and skin a stone cold blueish tint from head to toe.  He came from Mt. Everest, the highest mountain above sea level in the whole world, and a half a world away.    

   What was at first a fun, playful snow day had turned quite dangerous thanks to The Blizz. 

   Most were stuck inside, some without electricity.  The power lines had been brought down under the weight of so much snow and ice.  But the freakiest part was yet to come. 

   Houses began to vibrate, shake violently.  Thud.  Thud.  Thud.  A giant snowman threatened all.  It had to be a hundred feet high, the height of a ten story building. 

   “I don’t think that’s a friendly neighborhood snowman.”  Kid Superhero Buck Travers said. 

   The snowman scowled and walked slowly, crushing cars and mailboxes and even a whole gas station in its wake.  Every so often a chunk of snow would fall from the giant beast and splat on to the ground below and, when it did, it would instantly take the form of a regular size snowman, only one that could move and scowl on its own, like their much larger counterpart. 

   “There’s a whole army of snowmen!”  Buck shrieked. 

Instantly Mandy Magic appeared.  She had teleported from her place to Buck’s, and the two Kid Superheroes set out a plan.  They went to find their friends Robert Robertson and Nick Newton, and the quartet would aim to once again save the day. 

   Buck attempted to use his super strength to attack the giant snowman, but the boy just flew right through the big thing.  It was unharmed, save for a Buck shaped hole that stretched from its stomach through to its back.

   Nick Newton, force field extraordinaire, was able to trap some of the mini snowmen in large bubbles, but there were too many and he was eventually overrun.  And his powers had no impact on the giant snowman. 

   Teleporting everyone out of harm’s way was not really an option for Mandy Magic, though she attempted all sorts of trickery to distract and disempower the gargantuan snowman, all to no avail. 

   It was Robert Robertson, technology whiz, who was the first to do some damage.  He had invented a heat ray that was able to melt off bits and pieces and of the giant snowman one by one, but each part just fell to the ground and became a smaller soldier in the snowman army. 

   Slowly but surely the town was overrun, all of Ashland inhabitants frozen solid by the giant snowman or his minions - all but the frozen villain responsible, The Blizz himself, who watched all from atop a nearby Appalachian mountain.  He observed until he was sure he had won, another town frozen in his wake.  Then, he moved on.    

   Luckily one of this town’s inhabitants of thousands was not frozen.  His name was Nick Newton, and he had barricaded himself in one of his own force fields just moments before the giant snowman lobbed a giant snowball right at him.  It was a tactic that had worked on everyone else, freezing everyone solid, but Nick was okay.  He was safe in his bubble. 

   Once he was sure it was safe to come out, Nick did so and set his sights on unfreezing everyone.  He located Robert first, thawed him out with his own warming ray.  (Thankfully, he had the sense to turn the power down a good bit.)  Robert and Nick then took turns thawing out Ashland residents one at a time.  Thankfully, everyone was okay.  Just a bit chilled. 

   Nick Newton and his fellow kid superheroes had saved the day, but they weren’t satisfied with just saving Ashland.  Buck led his friends on a search to find The Blizz, this natural disaster, and bring him down before he could wreak havoc on another town.  Their success or failure is for another day, another story.  Wish them well.