COLUMN: The Brennaman Report

Amanda Brennaman

The Ashland Beacon


   It has been a big week for the Brennaman family. We kicked it off in Washington, D.C. for a series with the Nationals. We had a very memorable trip seeing old friends and going to the XM Radio studios. I will talk about all of those things in upcoming reports.

   Our week ended with a press conference last Friday at the Reds Hall of Fame and Museum for some very special announcements. The Reds announced all of the planned events for the “Month of Marty.”

   Marty’s final broadcast is scheduled for the afternoon of Thursday, September 26 against the Milwaukee Brewers. He really wanted to finish his broadcasting career at home, so he will not be making the final road trip of the year to Pittsburgh unless it has playoff implications (not looking very likely). Leading up to this final broadcast there will be chances for the fans to get to interact with him at the ballpark and for him to get out from the radio booth. On September 3, 4 and 7 Marty will be visiting with fans pregame where there will be photo opportunities and a meet and greet.

   I’m personally very excited about the Friday, September 20 game where he will broadcast the whole game, along with Jeff Brantley, at a temporary radio booth in Gappers Alley behind Section 119. I have no idea how this is going to work, but I know the Reds will do it right and it will be a very cool experience to watch and listen to him work.

   On Tuesday, September 24, Marty and Jeff will do their pregame broadcast from Gappers Alley and the first 20,000 fans will receive an oversized replica ticket from his first broadcast on April 4, 1974.

   Wednesday, September 25, will be a very special day because Marty will broadcast the game with his son, Thom, on the radio that evening. He will also do his pregame in Gappers Alley and the first 20,000 fans will receive a Marty commemorative print.

   For the final game on Thursday afternoon, Marty will broadcast from his normal spot. He wants that day to feel as “regular” as all of the other games he has done. However, after the game there will be a “Marty Party” where fans will be invited onto the field to take part in a special program honoring Marty, who will be on stage with Jim Day at the pitchers mound. The Reds are scheduled to replace their grass for next season so this has worked out perfectly. In addition to the party, the first 20,000 fans will receive a Reds handheld radio with earbuds so they can listen at the ballpark to his final call.

   Marty is very humbled by all of these planned events and we are both looking forward to a fun final month, but what really made the week extra special was the announcement that he will be enshrined in the Reds Hall of Fame on April 26, 2020!

   We have heard from so many fans who assumed he was already in the Reds Hall of Fame because he has been with the organization for so long and since he is in the Baseball Hall of Fame, the Radio Hall of Fame as well as a few others. It wasn’t until the Board of Directors made a by-laws change that nonuniformed personal were eligible for induction.

   Marty will join 90 other members, including 81 players, five managers and three executives. The three executives were considered uniform because they were on the baseball operations side of the business. To say that he is honored is an understatement. For him to be recognized in this manner is truly a fitting way for him to end his historic 46-year career.

   It’s going to be a very busy last few weeks of the regular season, so Marty and I are taking off this Friday for a little vacation to Park City, Jackson Hole and Yellowstone. These are all places he has never been, so I get to play tour guide and show him some of my favorite spots. The Tetons are an amazing sight and if I could have houses anywhere in the world, one of them would be in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.


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Amanda Ingram Brennaman