Rocking into the School Year at Fairview Elementary

Kathy Clayton

The Ashland Beacon


   Students and teachers were rocking in the free world on the opening day of school at Fairview Elementary Thursday. Principal Meaux Mullins was decked out in a feather boa handing out rock star stickers, and at least one little girl sported KISS face paint. There was even a limo outside for a photo op of students arriving for the opening of school, mimicking arrival on the red carpet.

   The halls were crowded with students and parents making their way to their classrooms for the first day. Including Parlor Parker, who said she was “excited and nervous” as she flanked by her parents Tiffany and Chris, to get to her classroom and start her first day of kindergarten.

   “Our goal is to make sure our children get the opportunity to have fun while learning,” the new principal said. “We want them to get the best and most they can out of school.” Toward that end, the theme “You’re a Rock Star” will be a recurring slogan throughout the year, for special events and during testing weeks.

   Students, teachers, administrators, and other staff were encouraged to participate in the rock star theme on opening day. Some children were dressed in rock star gear and could pose for pictures in front of the rock star display, complete with guitars, keyboards, and drums.

   Once the initial chaos died down, and parents had made their way home, Paige VanBibber, a fourth-grader in Whitli Pridemore’s fourth-grade class, led the school in saying the Pledge of Allegiance over the intercom.

   “We have a lot of exciting things going on this school year,” Mullins said. “We’re partnering with the Boyd County Public Library. They’re going to bring in books every week, then pick them back up and bring new ones. We want our children to see that reading is exciting and can take them places they’ve never been, show them the world of possibilities.”

   Another initiative to promote reading is Read Eagle 20. Students are encouraged to read for 20 minutes a day for a month, and those accomplishing this goal will receive rewards, Mullins explained. “They’ll get to be student of the week, or have lunch with the principal or read with the principal in the library.”

   Students also get to compete for Mr. and Miss Fairview Elementary Eagle. “I have a treasure chest in my office, under lock and key,” Mullins said. “The children selected as Mr. and Miss Eagle will get to unlock the treasure chest and claim the prizes.” The winners will be selected on the criteria of attendance, grades, and behavior. “We want our children to practice kindness, to look out for and help other children,” he said.

   “We want to encourage good self-esteem, to find the good that is in each and every one of them,” Mullins said. “We want our students to have positive memories of school for the rest of their lives.”

   Mullins said that, as a first-year principal, he is impressed with what he’s seen at Fairview “I’m very proud of the staff we have here. They are incredible professionals. It’s a godsend to start my career here.”