Life is Better with Ice Cream at the Shore

South Shore’s EJ’s Dairy Bar Serves it Homemade Everyday

Sherri Love

The Ashland Beacon


   If you have a craving for homemade ice cream, a footer with homemade sauce, fresh daily made cheeseburgers or even a banana split with all the fixings, then EJ's Dairy Bar in South Shore is the place to go. Located right off US 23, this local area favorite has satisfied a sweet tooth for many people for decades under different names and owners and was even known as "Lucky's" back in the 70s, which is what must locals remember when they were children.

   With more than 50 years of experience, father and son team, Tim and Eric Feeman, of Wheelersburg, Ohio, have owned EJ's Dairy Bar for the past four years. Cooking and being in the restaurant business is something that seems natural to these men. "I'm a third-generation restaurant manager. My grandfather, Clarence Feeman, was a trained chef in the Army and was a chef at several restaurants in the area. My dad worked at the Second Street Dairy Bar in Portsmouth, Ohio, as a teenager, and then became the manager there for 37 years. He finally got the opportunity to fulfill his dream and buy his own dairy bar four years ago when he bought this one, and now, I manage it,” said Eric Feeman.

   Tim Feeman said his favorite thing about owning EJ's, which is named after his two sons; Eric and Justin is that he gets to work side by side with his son every day, and getting to see his regular customers frequently. "There are several that come here so often that I already know what they are ordering before they even tell me. We are known mostly for our footers; it's what we sell the most of. Our sauce is homemade by me right here every day, it's our own family recipe. We are proud that all of our ice cream is homemade here as well, none of it is purchased at a store. Another local favorite is our homemade orange sherbet, we also have other flavors of sherbet as well, such as; lime, raspberry, pineapple, and rainbow," said Tim Feeman.

   Their menu is abundant with options, an assortment of desserts, including milkshakes, floats, slushes, sundaes, Funnel cakes, hot fudge cake and more, and a lot of appetizers including french fries, onion rings, jalapeño poppers, broccoli bites and deep-fried mushrooms.

   They also offer many different salads: garden, chef, taco, and grilled chicken for the healthy conscious customers, along with specialty platters, footers, corn dogs, and over a dozen specialty sandwiches and burgers such as the "Bahner Burger" which is named after family friend and businessman, Roger Bahner, who assisted the Feemans in purchasing EJ's Dairy Bar. "The Bahner burger has a special homemade tarter sauce on it that I make here every day, and we were very grateful to Roger Bahner for his help, so it only seemed fitting to name one of our favorite burgers after him," said Tim Feeman.

   A lot of dairy bars are seasonal establishments, but EJ's is open year-round to satisfy your fair-food and sugar cravings on any given day. They are open 11 a.m.-10 p.m. in the summer, 11 a.m.-9 p.m. in the spring and fall, and 11 a.m.-8 p.m. in the winter. They sell more ice cream in the months of June and July, but those are actually their slowest months of the year, and they are looking forward to school starting back when they see more families coming by after school, after ballgames and in the evenings for dinner.

   "We have a lot of family members that work here, but we do hire local high school and college students for part-time work. Being able to work with family doesn't really feel like work when I'm here, and as for the future of EJ's Dairy Bar, I hope my own children will work here and carry on the family tradition," says Eric Feeman.

   EJ’s Dairy Bar is located at 28199 US 23 in South Shore and can be reached at 606.831.0457 to place orders.