Greenup Teen Shakes Up Hollywood

 Adam Black, Editor

The Ashland Beacon


   From Greenup County to Los Angeles, Zane Carter is kicking off his career and shaking up Los Angeles quite literally.

   Carter, who lives in Greenup County and attends Greenup County High School, has had a whirlwind of a summer, after heading to Los Angeles, experiencing two earthquakes and got to be a part of Kenzie Ziegler’s most recent music video – “HOT.” Ziegler, who is best known for her time on the Lifetime Series Dance Moms, has been working hard on her music career and released a music video featuring Carter as her male counterpart.

   “It was so crazy,” Carter said. “Los Angeles is like nothing I have experienced before.”

   After hearing about acting from a friend who worked with a company in Cincinnati, Carter decided to look into it himself and see if it were something he would be interested in.

   “I fell in love with it,” Carter said. “The environment and atmosphere are something I just knew I wanted to be a part of.”

   Carter signed with the company and soon landed a roll in a commercial which was released on local network TV in the Cincinnati area during the Super Bowl.

   “That was my first time doing anything like that, and it was so much fun,” Carter said.

   Carter also started posting videos on a popular phone app called Tik Tok. The app features videos created by users and shares them.

   “I heard about it from one of my friends, and he told me I had to start doing it,” Carter said. “I started posting silly videos, and within a matter of days, I had several followers.”

   His Tik Tok account now has more than 622.4K followers with more than 10 million likes on his videos. Carter’s success has caught the eye of some celebrities and agencies, including Ziegler.

   “One of her friends saw my videos and feeds, and Kenzie reached out to me through Instagram,” Carter said. “She asked me if I wanted to be a part of her video, and they flew me out there for a week. I never thought it would happen to me like this, and this early in my career,” Carter said. “Kenzie and everyone out there was so awesome, friendly, and full of energy.”

   Carter also praised Ziegler and her family for how nice and supportive they were of him throughout the music video shoot.

   “It was a crazy time,” Carter said. “I was even in Los Angeles when the two earthquakes happened.”

   “We are very proud of him,” Carter's father Steve said. “To us, he is just Zane, but it has been interesting to see the girls going crazy over him and to see people recognize him in places.”

   While Carter hopes to continue pursuing his career in acting, It’s safe to say this summer rocked Carter’s world and got his career off to a “Hot” start.