Destruction Hits Greenup County Fair

Adam Black

The Ashland Beacon


   Dirt flew into the air as the sound of roaring engines echoed throughout the Greenup County Fairgrounds Saturday evening for the kick off of the Greenup County Fair.

   Spectators cheered on drivers competing in the demolition derby as they smashed into each other hoping to take home the cash prize and be the last one standing in the dirt ring.

   “We come every year,” Cindy Potter said. “It has become kind of a family tradition, we love seeing all the cars get banged up.” Potter, along with her family had prime seating on the top row of the bleachers to cheer on the show and enjoy a night of entertainment. “The kids really enjoy it, especially when we get a funnel cake,” Potter said followed by a laugh.

   One round after another, fans “oohed” and “awed” as cars charged at each other, some losing tires, smoking and causing an occasional spark. “We also come for the fair, but this and then the tractor pull is really what we like,” Potter said.

   Demo fans of all ages attended the derby Saturday evening, with the stands filled with several excited children jumping up and down from their seats to get a better view. “I really like seeing the cars smash into each other,” 4-year-old Evan Smith said, as he anxiously waited for the show to begin. “I’m just here to enjoy the show and other stuff.”

   Smith, along with his mother walked around the area until it was time for the show, where Smith could be seen with a smile on his face each time a car smashed into another one. “I have been here a couple other times but just enjoy the show,” Smith said.

   Saturday’s Demolition Derby was a preview for the Greenup County Fair, which will officially open today (Tuesday) with a variety of events throughout the week including a beauty pageant, animal shows, tractor pulls and lawn mower races.

   Admission is $10 and includes free parking.