Francesca Battistelli Cancels Summer Motion Show

By Adam Black, Editor

The Ashland Beacon

Contemporary Christian artist Francesca Battistelli has canceled her show for Summer Motion.

The artist who is pregnant with her fifth child has decided not to take the stage at the outdoor summer festival due to the predicted heat for the next week, according to sources.

Battistelli, who was expected to take the stage July 2 on the riverfront, canceled her show Tuesday leaving members of Summer Motion rushing to find another act.

BattiStelli released a statement Wednesday evening on her Facebook page. Her statement read:

"Friends! Such a sad day for me. I literally had to draft a statement detailing why I wasn’t able to play a show next week. This sweet, little baby No. 5 is really giving me a run for my money! Unfortunately, I’ve found myself not able to perform at the level (and length) I’d like, and I’m so sad to miss next week! In twelve years I can’t think of more than a handful of instances where I couldn’t play a show! I was so looking forward to playing for the wonderful fans in Kentucky. I appreciate their support of me and my health! If you see me sometime in the next few months, I hope you sing loudly and help me out even more than normal! God bless and I love you all! Francesca"

As of now, Summer Motion has not announced a replacement for Battistelli.

The artist has removed the dates both from her official website and from her Facebook page. The Greater Ashland Beacon attempted to reach Battistelli before her cancellation of the show for an interview about the upcoming performance. Emails and phone calls to her agents went unanswered.

This is a developing story and we will have more when information becomes available.