10-Year-Old Uses Platform to Fight Bullying

Adam Black, Editor

The Ashland Beacon


Photo by: Adam Black | Braylen Castro playing Fortnite during a FortNite Tournament

   At the early age of three, Braylen Castro found his love for video games and like many kids, he hoped to someday make a career out of it.

   With a little bit of practice Castro, now 10-years-old, has done just that.

   “It started with just playing with my dad, but it has grown so much from that,” Castro said.

   From playing video games to eventually streaming them on different social media platforms, Castro has always played games with others online both fairly and with respect.

   “I always say treat others how you would want to be treated,” he said.

   Castro’s video game streaming career came to a peak one night when he was playing online with others. His father became ill and left Castro to play the game for a few minutes by himself. During that time bullies entered Castro’s game and started picking on the young gamer.

   “They were saying a lot of mean things and at the time I didn’t know how to delete it,” Castro said.

   Taking notices of the bullies in Castro’s game, another streamer took matters into his own hands and invited Castro to play with him.

   “The Poolshark sent me a message and we started playing together,” Castro said. “He is a Purple Heart recipient and has a much larger streaming fan base than I did.”

   Once the two streamers started playing together, the gamer, The Poolshark asked for his followers to start following Castro.

   “After that, the gaming and streaming community really started rallying around me,” Castro said. “He is a really nice guy and has helped me a lot.”

   Since that stream, Castro, also known as Bray the Reaper online and in the gaming community, has been using his platform to fight bullying online.

   “There is no need for it online,” Castro said. “Gaming is about having fun and bullying is not fun.”

   With his positive message and focus on anti-bullying, Castro has traveled around the country playing in different gaming tournaments and spreading his message.

   “Let’s all be kind to each other and have respect for each other,” Castro said.

   While gaming is Castro’s passion at just 10-years-old, he hopes to build his career in gaming and go to school for graphic design and video game design.

   “I still want to get a degree just in case this doesn’t work out,” Castro said with a smile.

   Castro can be found online with the name Bray the Reaper.