"Star Wars" Themed Concert Landing at PAC

By Adam Black

Editor, The Ashland Beacon


Submitted Photo| Huntington Symphony Orchestra will perform a "Star Wars theme Show at the PAC Dec. 7th.

The force is strong with Benjamin Hawkey.

The “Star Wars” fanatic, who also loves music, has been working tirelessly to bring a new immersive show to the Paramount Arts Center, involving the Huntington Symphony Orchestra, the PAC and Star Wars.

“I woke up with an idea one day and just went with it,” Hawkey said. “I drove down to Huntington and knocked on the door of the Huntington Symphony Orchestra and the idea took off.”

Hawkey’s idea which will come to life at the PAC will have the Huntington Orchestra perform songs from the world-famous “Star Wars” movies.

“The scores in the movies are epic and iconic,” Hawkey said. “There are not many movies that span between several generations.”

During the “Star Wars” themed night guests will be able to enjoy the live 26-piece orchestra as they play the iconic music from the movies with Darth Vader conducting the show.

“That is just the beginning,” Hawkey said. “We are still in the planning stages.”

Benjamin Hawkey , Producer of the Show coming to the Paramount Arts Center

Along with the conductor, dressed as Darth Vader, Hawkey hopes that audience members will dress up as their favorite characters from the movies as well.

“It would be so cool to see the community come out dressed up,” Hawkey said. “How fun would it be to find your seats and be sitting next to a storm trooper or Princess Leia.”

Hawkey is currently looking for more community sponsors for the event so it can continue to grow for the night of Dec. 7.

“I would really love to have the community really be involved,” Hawkey said.

With the event still being in the early stages of planning Hawkey hopes the event will grow bigger and offer “Star Wars” fans a great experience.

“I don’t want people to just come see a show,” Hawkey said. “I want them to feel like they are in space.”

Although the “Star Wars” themed performance will be breaking barriers on its own, it will also be the first time the Huntington Symphony Orchestra will be performing on the PAC stage.

“After all these years, they have finally connected,” Hawkey said.

The “Star Wars” themed concert is scheduled for Dec. 7. Tickets for the event will go on sale June 14 with the rest of the Paramount’s season.  If interested in sponsoring the Star Wars themed concert contact Benjamin Hawkey at 606-571-9482