Dillon Adkins Relies on Himself While Helping Others

Lisa Patrick

The Ashland Beacon


   Dillon Adkins graduated from Paul Blazer this year with a GPA higher than a 4.0. Dillon has been an athlete as well as a scholar through high school, while also running his own small business.

   Adkins started his own lawn care business at the age of 15. He began purchasing equipment and slowly built the business up to where he had his own trailer, mowers, and other equipment needed to take care of other people’s lawns.

   “Dillon started all this before he ever started driving because he did not want to ever have to ask his parent or grandparent for gas money or the money to do something with his friends,” Adkins mother, Traci Adkins said.

   Adkins has since given up the business but not his work ethic. He knew that he was leaving for college this fall so he recently sold most of his equipment and took a job working at Rural King. His work ethic did not go unnoticed and he was nominated to receive the Self-Reliance Award by the Ashland Kiwanis. He placed second for the males and earned a small scholarship. Adkins used the sale of his lawn equipment to purchase a car and a good laptop computer to use for college.

   While in high school, Adkins was a member of the National Honor Society, the Spanish Honor Society, and Skills USA, which he refers to as a sort of carpentry club. He also played football and participated in wrestling. In the middle of the year, he suffered from a concussion and had to step down from all activities for a little while, but quickly rejoined as soon as he was able.

   Even though he has let go of his business this summer, he still continues to volunteer to cut the grass for his church, Wildwood Church of God on 29th Street. He also spent some of his senior year volunteering as a coach for the Ashland Area Wrestling Club’s Mini Mat Cats.

   “My time with the youth wrestling team was my favorite volunteer work because I like to give back to the sport,” Adkins said.

   Some of his favorite moments from his senior year revolve around his friends. He was excited to see his friend, John Stone, stand on the podium at the High School State Wrestling tournament. He also said that he has spent as much time as he can lately with a few of his friends that will be going into the service.

   Adkins will attend the University of Louisville this fall to study to be a chemical engineer. He hopes to come home one day and work for Marathon Refinery. He said he will always continue to work as a volunteer in different areas because he “likes to help out.”

   Dillon recently lost his grandfather, and with some of his friends entering the service, he recommends that everyone “cherish the moments with your family and friends because you don’t know how long it’s going to last.”

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