Prom-N-Aide Helps Dreams Come True

By Adam Black

The Ashland Beacon

A smile from ear to ear could be seen on Morgan Jones face as she stood in front of a full-length mirror admiring her new prom dress.
“It’s green and so pretty,” Jones said. “I think it’s awesome.”
On Sunday Jones, along with many other girls and boys, descended down to the Dressing Room in the Neighborhood for their annual Prom-N-aide.
“To see the smiles on these girls faces, that’s what it’s all about,” Tammy McIntyre said. “This is a birthday gift for me; we do this every year on my birthday.”
Prom-N-aide, which is in its seventh year at the Dressing Room, is a two-day event where high school boys and girls can attend and pick out their dream dress or suit for prom. The event is open for students throughout the region and not limited to just children in Boyd County.
“We collect donations from residents all year long, and then one weekend we change over the store and have dresses and suits for the kids, “McIntyre said. “We couldn’t do this without people donating; we are very appreciative.”
As girls sorted through dresses hanging on the racks and volunteers eager to help, Jones was one of the first to find her perfect dress. Once getting it on, Jones stepped out of the dressing room and wowed the crowd as she looked at it in the mirror.
“I really like it, it’s perfect,” Jones said. “I didn’t even notice the slit at first.”
Once she was finished looking at it in the mirror, Jones has whisked away to a table full of jewelry, where she found the perfect accessories to match for the special night.
“We have been coming for about four years,” Jones said. “Everyone is so nice and helpful here.”
With the perfect dress and accessories, next, it was time for Jones to get a few alterations done.
“They do it all here,” Jones said. “They pin it up here and then will call us in about a week when it’s ready.”
On Monday the volunteers of Prom-N-aide also hosted a special needs day where students with special needs could come in a find their perfect dress or suit as well.
“It’s all about giving back,” McIntyre said. “Prom is so important in these kids lives, and we can’t let a dress not be the reason why they don’t go.”

Throughout the seven years hosting the event, McIntyre said she has seen growth in the event and hopes they can continue to help as many children as possible reach their dream of finding the perfect dress and getting to go to prom.

“Prom is expensive,” McIntyre said. “This helps ease the costs of everything and gives girls the chance to go looking their best.”