Third-graders Raise the Flag at Hager Elementary

By: Lisa Patrick

The Ashland Beacon

A couple of weeks ago, Hager third-grader, Nathaniel Williams, was sitting beside his mother, Kim Williams, at a wrestling tournament waiting for it to start. She said that he suddenly looked over at her and said, “Hey Mom, do you know that our school hasn’t been putting the flag up every day?”

The following day at school, Nathaniel, who is a Bear Scout with Cup Scout Pack 1100, approached Hager Principal Phillip Caudill and asked him about the American flag. Nathaniel felt that it was important for the flag to be flown every day and asked Principal Caudill if he could volunteer to be the one that put it up and took it down every day.

Principal Caudill agreed to allow him to take the responsibility of flying the flag. He grabbed his buddy, Tyson Griffith, and the two of them went out to hoist it into the air.

Nathaniel said that as a cub scout, he had learned the importance of the American flag. He thinks that it should be flown every day as a sign of respect for all of those who have served. He said that it also means that you are patriotic and responsible.

Another thing that Nathaniel says he learned in scouts are the rules of flag etiquette which he is teaching to his friend Tyson. He said that the first thing that he told Tyson was that he can never, ever let the flag touch the ground. He also told him that the flag couldn’t fly in really bad weather.

At the end of each school day, Nathaniel and Tyson go outside and take the flag down. Nathaniel is teaching Tyson how to fold the flag correctly to be stored inside the school. Nathaniel says that he has a day that he has to leave school early in a couple of weeks and he wants to make sure that Tyson is able to take another classmate outside and make sure that the flag is taken care of properly.

Nathaniel’s parents, Kim and Chuck Williams, say that Nathaniel is super excited to get up for school every day now that he knows he has such an important job to do. He wants to make sure to get there early every morning. Nathaniel and Tyson are there before the safety patrols come out in the morning to raise the flag and take it down every afternoon before the patrols are on duty.

Nathaniel and Tyson have started taking on the responsibility of the American flag at school. However, they hope that they will be able to teach many of their other classmates the same lessons on flag etiquette and responsibility by the end of the year. Nathaniel hopes to teach several of his other classmates how to properly fold the flag, so if him and/or Tyson have to miss due to illness or something else, the flag will still be able to fly.