BREAKING NEWS: Braidy Industries in Process of Purchasing The Oaks

By Adam Black

The Ashland Beacon

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According to a Facebook post by Braidy Industries CEO, Craig Bouchard, Braidy Industries is in the process of purchasing The Oaks community located in Flatwoods, Kentucky.

“I’d like to mention first to my friends that Braidy was the high bidder and acquired The Oaks last week,” Bouchard said in the post. “Our acquisition includes the public golf course and 700 acres of additional gorgeous acreage.”

Bouchard also said in the post on Facebook, the expected closing date is set for March 8.

“We need to design and build a community that will attract young families to Ashland and encourage our incredible young people to get married and stay here,” the post read.

It was announced in January that The Oaks community including the golf course, was going up for sale in an auction with Joe R Pyle Auctions Feb. 7. According to The Oaks was purchased for $996,600 with 714 acres and the golf course.

Bouchard also asked that the community remain patient with him and Braidy Industries.

“Please be patient. Expect no big changes until we make a plan, create an architectural design, and then build a very nice community,” Bouchard said. “It will take a couple of years. It will be impressive.”